In the Classroom

Stambouline is launching a new initiative to bring the digital humanities to the university classroom. Blogging is a great way for students to engage with primary source material, combining multi-media and an opportunity to develop a more journalistic writing style. 

Here, we will be highlighting courses that take on blogging about travel, heritage, and architecture. Stambouline will also be featuring essays by students exploring a wide range of topics. 

Featured Courses

Podcasting the Ottomans (HIST2155), Professor Dana Sajdi, Boston College, Spring 2017
This course was a semester-long effort to investigate the “stories” of specific objects from the Ottoman Empire, through both podcasting and blogging. The result of the course was the website, Stories Ottoman Objects Tell, with 25 detailed essays focusing on a particular image or object from the Ottoman world. 
Check out one of these essays, Bridget Halstead's look at the Mehmet Ali House in Greece, which has been reproduced with additional images and bibliography here on Stambouline.

Are you an instructor who is interested in introducing blogging or podcasting into your classroom? If so, contact us at, and we can consult with you about using our site as a platform for student work.


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