Echoes of the Ottoman Past: The Quiz

Stambouline has teamed up with the Ottoman History Podcast for the first episode of season 4. In this installment, we have have ventured out into the streets of Istanbul in search of sounds that can help us recover (or re-imagine) the urban experience of the Ottoman capital. And while the posts here on Stambouline primarily focus on the visual aspects of buildings and objects from the Ottoman world, thinking about the sounds and smells of a city offers a lively perspective on daily life. Taking our cue from scholars such as Nina Ergin or Jale Erzen, we delve into the soundscape of Ottoman Istanbul. 

In conjunction with the podcast, we have created a short quiz where you can test your own knowledge of the sounds of Istanbul. Listen to a clip, and then click on the button below to reveal where these sounds were recorded in the city. See if you can guess all six locations correctly!

1. Nostalgic Journey 

2. Helal Olsun!

3. Thirsty Ottomans

4. In Search of Silence

5. Hitching a Ride

6. Performing the Past

And also be sure to check out our Google Map showing where we have been recording in the city.

EMILY NEUMEIER is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Art History at the University of Pennsylvania researching art and architecture in the Ottoman world. 

CHRIS GRATIEN is a doctoral candidate at Georgetown University researching the social and environmental history of the Ottoman Empire and the modern Middle East. 


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